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French Photographer

1937- 2014

Alexey Shtorkh


About 35 miles outside of Paris, Chantilly Racecourse is home to two of France’s most important races: the Prix du Jockey Club, also known as the French Derby, and, on Sunday, the Prix de Diane, or French Oaks.

Undeniably picturesque, Chantilly has been associated with horses for hundreds of years. In the 16th century, the city was known for its fox hunts, and through the years, wide paths were cleared in the surrounding forest for the activity. 

"Taking pictures of horses has been my only artistic passion in life..."

June 2011. Sunday. The  Prix de Diane race. Out of the crowd a man jumps out with a camera and starts shooting photographs of racing horses just in front of them. The photographer represented several press agencies. After the incident the accreditation of the photographer was revoked. The photographer was Alexey Shtorkh. You can see the photo which since then had became famously called “The Prix de Diane Race.”


Alexey Shtorkh was born in 1937 in Russia and died in 2014. Over 60 years his life was devoted to horses - first as a child worked as a professional jockey, then became a coach, and later, as a photographer. 

Alexey Shtorkh was one of the authors of the book “Golden Horse: The Legendary Akhal-Teke”

Hailing from Central Asia, the Akhal Teke is a horse breed known for its speed, intelligence and shimmering metallic coat. Prized for its athleticism and endurance, the Akhal Teke was the mount of warriors, from Alexander the Great to Ghengis Khan.

Aleksey Shtorkh, who contributed documentary photography, began photographing the Akhal Teke in the 1960s.


Some of his photographs are located in museums and private collections in Belgium, Germany, France and Italy.

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Prix de Diane Race


"Golden Horse: The Legendary Akhal-Teke"


Aleksandr Klimuk (Photographs)

Artur Baboev (Photographs)

Aleksey Shtorkh (Photographs)

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